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Pan Am Crew in full uniform, with stewardesses and captains.

Custom Production Sets

Air India

Custom Production Set

In the 1970s Air India could best be described as a country on wings… And perhaps one of the most unique ways to fly.   

A flight on Air India in the 70s and even the 1980s was special for 3 reasons: Culture, Design, and hospitality.

When you stepped onboard their 747, the Indian culture came alive.  From the vibrant and colorful sarees of the air hostesses or the Indian-inspired menu, to the movies and music selections onboard the airplane.

The creative team at Air India designed some of the most memorable interiors ever created and it has been meticulously recreated with this set design in both First Class, Business class, and the Upper Deck Lounge

Pan American

Custom Production Set

Jet Age Productions' most famous and complete production set. This set was the origin of Jet Age Productions and the Pan Am Experience. It has been featured in various films and television shows, most notably Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The set uses a plethora of original Pan American props, providing the highest quality Pan American cabin recreation.

Northwest Orient

Custom Production Set

With Classic 70’s colors, this Northwest Orient set design is not only popular but flexible enough to be configured for any vintage airplane scene. The brown and orange palette has 3 cabins: First Class, Business Class, and Economy, plus a complete upper deck lounge.   

This set can also feature a large economy class cabin of 70 seats. 

When combined with wide selection of interior props, our set will be indistinguishable from the real 747!  

Northwest Orient referred to this cabin design as “Autumn in Vietnam” and the service style onboard the airplane was called Regal Imperial Service. 


United Airlines

Custom Production Set

United’s signature brand from the 70’s was designed by Saul Bass.  This retro United Airlines cabin captures the cabin's unique and distinguishing design elements down to the millimeter, from the Burgundy striped seats to the wallpapers and service items. This set comes with First Class and Business class, as well as an Upper deck lounge configuration. 

Lower Pan Am Floorplan
Upper Pan Am Floorplan

Production Inquiry Form

Jet Age Productions has a mock Boeing 747 soundstage which can be outfitted to match any airline, time period, or occasion. Jet Age Productions has been trusted by the likes of Quentin Tarantino, NBC, and ABC. Please fill out this form to demonstrate your intent to host your production at Jet Age Productions. 

Production Inquiry

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